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We are located in San Diego California.

Phone: Bob  – 619-286-5604


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  1. Robert
    Dec 20 2010

    I might be interested. We are in Escondido. Where in San Diego county are you located?

  2. Dec 20 2010

    I’m located near SDSU, but, the puppies are in Lakeside, just off of Hwy. 67. If interested, call me at 619-286-5604

  3. FParker
    Dec 28 2010

    Do you still have Airedale puppies available?

  4. Dec 29 2010

    Yes, we have one VERY cute boy. He is the last so, act FAST!

  5. Jan 1 2011

    Hello, Do you still have the male available? If so, how much does he cost? Thank you!

  6. Jan 6 2011

    When will there be a new litter?

  7. jeanieb
    Feb 17 2011

    Greeting’s, We are seriously interested in a male oorang. We have owned 2 male standard airdale’s in our blissful 44 yr’s together. We purchased one from airedale breeder’s Dick and Dianne Schlichk in Lakeville, MN. We have acreage here in Jordan, MN on a rural dead end gravel road. Jordan is 35 mile’s southwest from the twin cities on hwy 169 south. The kid’s are much older ( 40, 33, 30) and moved on with there live’s so we have decided to go bigger with our love of airedale’s. We have a log home and plenty of room to welcome a much loved companion. We have both taken an early retirement and are home all the time. We are 58 and 59 and healthy. We love gardening, antique’s, riding our harley’s and snowmobiling. We have 9 month’s of winter and 3 month’s of very poor sledding tho. My husband has a 2000 sq ft shop and use to race exhibition all over the U.S. with his dragster and rocket powered go-cart (let’s not forget some street performance’s with his 57 chevy and 64 impala) Now he work’s on just about everything in his shop and he love’s it. Our other airedale’s alway’s enjoyed helpping me garden (if you know what I mean) and we alway’s shared our bounty with them. Our companion will share everything with us and none of our previous have ever been left outside alone at anytime. We have alway’s been protective and very responciable owner’s just as we were with our children. Vacation’s and trip’s they alway’s came with and never kennelized (the pet that is) If we do go out for an evening we are never gone and make plan’s to not be gone for more than 3 hour’s unless one of our kid’s is here. They do not understand time as most people don’t know thus taking out the garbage for 5 min’s and when you come back in it’s like you’ve been gone for an hour and they are so happy to see you. As you can see we take the priviege of owning a companion very seriously and have passed it on to our children. It’s like having a permenent toddler for 10 to 14 year’s. Our 4 grandchildren come to visit (16, 10, 8, and 5. and they also have been taught to care for a companion. I know I seem anal but, I really am not. We are just a newly retired couple and empty nester’s who have the space and time and love to give a much desired family member. Please email me if you can when you are expecting. If you consider us as qualified owner’s we would more than likely drive out to visit with you and see all the puppies and there home. I alway’s dislike talking money but, please let me know your fee for a male. Thank you for your time. Respectfully. jeanieb

  8. Feb 18 2011

    Sorry, no new litters are planned yet.

  9. Apr 3 2011

    I have known & loved Airedales for many years. My firat boy born 1975,Sir Cheyenne Autumn Sunshine,was 27 at the shoulder & 110lbs.Your dogs look so much like him!His ‘People’ came from Ouachita Kennels in Mena,AR.He acctually came from Walter Lingo in Ohio.I hope to one day be so blessed with the best breed of dog to walk this earth,bar none yet agin.Please make sure you only use organic ways of pest control on their skin.To not only protect them,but yourselves also.With that use approx. 8 to 12 drops of oils such as Lavender’tea tree,& eucalyptus .Add to lets say a 8oz spray bottle, fill with water & add enough ‘Dip’ to make the water opake & SHAKE WELL. Shake every time you use.Can use on you & kids.I got Dip at the local Feed & Seed.The great thing about the organic stuff is the bugs NEVER get resisent to it.A question,do you guys x-ray your dogs hips? You’ve got some great lookinging dogs!XHTML. You take care & god bless. Stephanie

  10. ri ross
    Apr 5 2011

    do you have the mature airdales for sale?

    Sorry, No. But, hope to have puppies near year end.

  11. ri ross
    Apr 5 2011

    no .wanted mature airdale

  12. jack
    May 9 2011

    Hi i am a ten year old boy living in san diego and i am doing research for my family dog and i am convinced the airedale is the breed for us but i hav a few ?. we have allergeries are airedale good for that ? Are airedale good with kids and can me and my family come and visit the parents of the pups.

    p.s. i did this all by my self

    Ed notes: Good job on the post. The answer to all your questions is YES! If you would like to meet Oakley, our Oorang Airedale just let me know and we can make it happen.

  13. Jun 12 2011

    We have been looking for an Airedale and are curious as to the differences between a standard Airedale and an Oorang Airedale, other than size.

  14. Oct 18 2011

    HI Vicki, I’ve had three Airedales, two of them were regular Airedales, and the current one is a Oorang Airedale. So, for my and my wife’s perspective the only real difference is the size! But, our first two Airedales were female and our current Oorang is a male, so there are differences but we attribute them the sex difference. Oakley, is just as fun loving and playful as our first two Airedales he’s also much smarter and more protective. I try to take him for an hour hike five days a week and he really loves it and looks forward to it. Also, I guess like most Airedales, at times he can be quite stubborn and also he’s been very easy to teach new tricks to.

  15. Tami
    Oct 25 2011

    Hi Bob,
    Please let me know when you have a new litter! I would love a puppy from Oakley’s litter. He is too cute! I’ve seen how you guys care for the pups on your youtube videos and I think you guys do a great job..Thank you!

  16. Kyle Spain
    Dec 31 2011

    Happy New Year 2012!

    And greetings from Asta (aka Prancer) who is Oakley’s daughter and is approx. 13 months old. She is doing very well and is up to 70 lbs. living in La Canada, CA. She still prances! Best wishes for 2012 to Papa Oakley.

  17. Karen Penny Fulton
    Mar 17 2012

    Hello – I live in El Cajon and would like to know if you will have puppies for sale again and, if so, when that will be. I have had an Airedale in my life for the past 28 years (the first one was with me for 14 years and the second one died just a few weeks ago and was almost 14). I haven’t found any Airedale puppies or breeders in the San Diego area. Any information you can give me will be appreciated. Thank you – Karen

  18. dana
    Jun 3 2012

    Bella is our year and a half old female airedale. She is about 80 lbs.and is looking for a little romance. She will probably be coming into her second heat cycle anytime now. What are your stud fees and do you ship semen for AI? Thanks.

  19. Jun 26 2012

    Dana, Send over some photos and I’ll post them.

  20. Jun 26 2012

    Hi Karen, I may be able to help … contact me.

  21. Yuri
    Sep 3 2012

    Hello everyone I am looking for an male air dale puppy in San Diego, where can I purchase one?

  22. Sep 12 2012

    gostaria de ganha uma filhote de Airedale Terrier, pois minha querida “Barbie” faleceu em 16/08/2011, vitima de febre maculosa. aguardo contato.

  23. Sep 12 2012

    Sorry about your Airedale. We do not have any puppies for sale.

  24. Wendy Kruse
    Nov 12 2012

    We are very interested in getting a female airedale terrier – we’ve been researching for weeks now, and it seems that the airedale is the perfect dog for us. Is there a breeder around the San Diego area?

  25. Virginia
    May 22 2013


    I am very interested in purchasing an Airedale male puppy at year’s end. I am in New York city. I currently have a havanese puppy and would like to give him a playmate. How much do Airedales cost and do you ship the puppy ? Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Sincerely yours,

  26. Aug 30 2013

    Thanks for your comment. I wish I had some puppies to show you, but Oakley has not had a mate in a couple of years. It’s very difficult to find a larger female Airedale for him to breed with.

    I’m always on the outlook for larger females within driving distance of San Diego.

    Good luck to you!

  27. Stephen Sadowsky
    Nov 10 2013

    We loved the video of Oakley.

    My wife and I are Airedale lovers and have had them as pets for the past 20 years or more. Several months ago, we lost our latest. We are looking for another. Do you have any puppies or know of anyone who might? We live in Los Angeles and can easily make it to San Diego. I can also be reached by phone: 213/595-4495.

    Thank you.

  28. Ernest
    Sep 16 2014


    Do you have any puppies available for sell in the upcoming months ?
    Thank you

  29. Sep 17 2014

    Sorry, no Airedale puppies for about 18 months.

  30. Ernest
    Sep 18 2014

    Do you happen to know any reputable breeder in the Southern California area then ? Thank you very much for your infp

  31. Sep 18 2014

    Sorry no. You would have to go north of Reno or Texas to find a Oorang Airedale puppy.

  32. Jul 12 2015

    Hello, do you have any puppies available ? If so, how much are they? we’re two hours away approximately but are willing to see your puppies if they’re the right price for us and available 🙂

  33. Feb 21 2016

    looking for a large Airedale puppy for sale

  34. Dec 18 2016


    Is Oorang Airedale is AKS recognizable?

  35. Dec 18 2016

    How much is a pappy?

  36. Dec 18 2016

    Apx. $1,000 to $1,200

  37. Dec 18 2016

    They are all AKC registered, but because they are the larger size Airedale and AKC does not have a large Airedale classification yet, they cannot be entered into any AKC dog shows.

  38. Feb 20 2017

    Is there any puppies available, and how much?
    Thank You

  39. Feb 20 2017

    I personally don’t have any puppies at the moment but I forwarded your email to a breeder that I work with who has puppies on a pretty regular basis.


  40. Feb 20 2017

    Where is he located

  41. Mar 10 2017

    Can you please recommend a breeder who has Oorang puppies. I have had 4 Airedales — the last 2 Oorang. My daughter (18) and I really want to have another Airedale join our small family. We live in Northern California. Thank you!!!!

  42. May 12 2017

    Looking for an Oorang Airedale female pup.
    Please let me know when one is available.

    Thank you,
    Henry Pukala

  43. Ed Schieber
    Aug 13 2017

    Hi Oorang

    Do you have any puppies for sale?

    I would like a male.


  44. Aug 17 2017

    Personally,, I don’t have any puppies for sale at the moment but I passed along your email address to a breeder that I work with.

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