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Mountain Airedales

Mountain Airedale Terriers

San Diego, California – Our 7 year old Mountain Airedale with our new 8 week old Mountain Airedale puppy.

The Airedale Terrier, like most Terriers, has been bred to hunt independently. As a result, the dog is very intelligent, independent, strong-minded, stoic, and can sometimes be stubborn.

Airedales can be an excellent choice for a family dog. Airedales can do well with cats and other small animals, especially when they are raised with them. Read more »

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Airedale Terrier puppies

Airedale Terrier puppies

Larger, Mountain Airedale puppies for sale.

Airedale puppies

Airedale puppies at 6 weeks old

Airedale Terrier puppyAiredale Terrier puppies

Look at these cute little Airedale puppies. These are the larger Airedale Terrier puppies, known as Mountain Airedales or Oorang Airedales.

most of these. Airedale puppies have already been selected for new homes. But, if you act quick. There are still a few available in two weeks when they reach eight weeks old.

Airedale puppies feeding

If you’re on my blog reading this I assume you already know the great qualities of the Airedale Terrier. Now, you have an opportunity to add one of these intelligent, fun loving dogs to your family.

We can arrange for pickup or personal delivery by car to most locations within southern Arizona and southern California.  If you are interested in an Airedale puppy, send an email with your city location and phone number to:

Mountain Airedale

Dad Airedale

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San Diego Motorcycle Dog

San Diego Motorcycle Dog

San Diego motorcycle dog. There are a few dogs who ride on motorcycles here in San Diego California.

This cute little dog rides on this custom painted Harley-Davidson.

This video was shot in Escondido California . . . just North of the city of San Diego.

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Airedale playing with a Coyote

Airedale playing?

Well, this video and the music soundtrack makes me think this dog must be owned by a liberal who thinks everything in nature is just perfect and doesn’t realize by just letting his Airedale be with this coyote he’s putting it in terrific danger.

Do the dog and coyote a favor…..scare it off and don’t let your dog out when the coyote is out again….you are habituating him to a predator.  Airedales are pretty tough but more than 2 coyotes and you will have a very wounded or dead dog.  Remember right now he’s learning coyotes aren’t bad. Read more »


Amazing Facts About Airedale Terriers

 Airedale Terriers Amazing Facts 

Known as the “King of Terriers,” the airedale terrier is indeed the largest of all terriers. The dog breed originated in the Aire Valley of Yorkshire, and was created to catch otters and rats in the region between the Aire and Wharfe Rivers. An able sporting dog, he became an ideal working dog as well, proving his worth during World War I. Intelligent, outgoing, and confident, the Airedale possesses a wonderful playful streak that delights his owners.

During World War I, a hardy airedale terrier named Jack braved the battlefields to deliver a message to British headquarters. Running through a half-mile of swamp, artillery raining down on him, Jack suffered a shattered leg and broken jaw. Sadly, he passed away soon after he’d completed his mission. Incredibly, the message he was carrying saved his battalion and he was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for “Gallantry in the Field.” The bravery and courage exhibited by Jack holds true for today’s airedale terriers.

Dogs like Jack were bred as a multi-purpose dog who had the keenness of a terrier, but could swim and smell prey. Airedale Terriers have the distinction of being both a sporting and working dog, and today compete in agility, obedience, and hunt tests.

They enjoy life the most when there is a job to be done, even if it is simply entertaining children, with whom he gets along splendidly. (Nevertheless, an adult should always supervise interactions between kids and dogs.) Read more »


Talking Dog

Talking Dog Wendy wow the judges on Britain’s Got Talent 2015

The Judges are left open-mouthed when Marc Métral introduces his talking dog Miss Wendy. Read more »


Dog Cancer

Dog Cancer Scare

Overnight Lily got sick.  She reacts to her Cancer test results:

We took her in and they found a tumor on her spleen. She was bleeding internally, and so anemic her breathing was affected she needed a blood transfusion or she would be dead in hours. Read more »


Dog or Human

Dog or Human Who would you save?

People sure got upset about the news of Cecil the Lion. It seems not enough people were upset by the news of Planned Parenthood selling aborted baby parts.

A 2013 study asked a question about dogs and humans. I found the results surprising, so we hit the beach in San Diego to test it out.

It turns out, of the 30 people we asked, only ONE person said they’d save the dog.

There is nothing to justify. It’s a matter of preference. Man’s “best friend” and all… I’m sure you would save a friend or loved one over a stranger if forced a choice. Read more »


Smiling Mountain Airedale Terrier

Mountain Airedale Terrier

After the First World War, the Airedales’ popularity rapidly increased thanks to stories of their bravery on the battlefield and also because Presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, and Warren Harding owned Airedales.

President Harding’s Airedale, Laddie Boy, was the “first celebrity White House pet”. President Harding had a special chair hand carved for him to sit on at very important Cabinet meetings. In the 1920s, the Airedale became the most popular breed in the USA. Read more »


The Airedale Terrier

Airedale Terrier

  1. The Airedale Terrier is a breed of the terrier type that originated in Airedale, a geographic area in Yorkshire, England. It is traditionally called the “King of Terriers” because it is the largest of the terrier breeds. Wikipedia
  2. Temperament: Outgoing, Alert, Friendly, Confident, Courageous, Intelligent
  3. Height: 58 – 61 cm (Adult, Male, At the withers), 56 – 58 cm (Adult, Female, At the withers)
  4. Mass: 23 – 29 kg (Adult, Male), 18 – 20 kg (Adult, Female)

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